How Diet Can Affect Your Child's Teeth

As you can probably imagine, a steady diet of candy, treats and sugar-loaded drinks is NOT the best scenario for the dental health of your child!Healthy eating ... more

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Many parents are unaware of a serious form of tooth decay in infants, babies and young children known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. This can occur when your young... more

What is the best toothpaste for my child?

Ask this question of any doctor or dentist, and you will receive a wide range of answers. But one thing is clear: your choice of toothpaste should be carefully ... more

What You Should Know About Teething

Teething can create minor discomfort in the gums as the teeth begin to appear, as well as irritability and an increase in saliva. That said, most children don’t... more

Will thumb sucking affect my child's teeth?

Most children suck their fingers or thumbs from a very young age, and most of them grow out of it by age three without causing permanent damage to their mouth o... more

How can I help my child break a thumb or finger sucking habit?

If you have a child whom you need to help break a finger- or thumb-sucking habit, here are some tips:– Stay positive and be supportive at all times. Rather than... more


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