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Caries Prevention

We dedicate a large focus of our practice to providing preventive dental care for our patients. This includes check ups and exams twice a year, hygiene services and scheduled cleanings, preventive fluoride treatments and sealants, plus much more.

Additionally, we make it a priority to help your children understand the importance of proper oral hygiene at home. We help educate them on which foods to eat and avoid, when and how to properly brush and floss, and any other tips to help clean and protect their smiles.

Treatment under IV Sedation / General Anesthesia

We are a full service dental facility, providing common dental procedures designed to improve the health of your child’s teeth. Procedures such as crowns, fillings, tooth extractions, pulpotomies (baby root canals), and cosmetic procedures can usually be completed with as little as nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas).

Occasionally a child may be too anxious or fearful to complete treatment with or without nitrous oxide; some children may not have the cognitive ability to cooperate in a safely manner. It is our goal to complete the treatment in the least invasive and the safest way possible for your child. Dr. Callen can discuss alternative treatment options such as in-office intravenous sedation and general anesthesia at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

We are here to help you navigate the process and assist you in determining the best treatment options for your child. 


Dental extractions are most often performed because a tooth has sustained damage or decay, it is abscessed, or cannot be saved. Some other times the removal of a baby tooth may be necessary for orthodontic treatment, or simply because a baby tooth does not want to come out” on its own.

In the event you child needs a dental extraction, Dr.Callen will discuss treatment alternatives to keep your child comfortable during the procedure. 

Restorative Treatment

Not all cavities are treated equally, especially in pediatric dentistry. A lot of factors are taken into consideration: extent of decay, symptoms, patient’s age and dental development and patient’s cognitive abilities. Some cavities can be treated with conventional restorative materials such as resins (white fillings) or crowns.

Other cavities can be monitored as they may be close to coming out on their own, or the cavity is not progressing. And in some instances we can apply an arresting agent and monitor. Dr. Callen will discuss different treatment alternatives available for your child’s specific needs.

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